New Look

Since I started my etsy shop, I’ve been struggling with the presentation of my items.  I wanted my photos to be descriptive but I also wanted a unique and interesting delivery.  I tried photographing myself wearing the clothes, but that rarely turns out less than freakish (every time that shutter closes my face manages to disfigure, just for that one split second).  And I also tried photographing the clothes on a mannequin in front of a neutral background (booooring).  So lately, I’ve been playing around with superimposition with my best friend, photoshop.  I’m pretty jazzed about the results.  I’m planning to edit ALL the items in the shop, but here’s what I have done so far (constructive criticism welcome):

70’s Prairie Girl Dress – $25

70’s Sheer Navy Office-Chic Dress – $30

Luxury Lounging House Coat from the 70’s – $35

80’s Chic Parisian Dress – $40

90’s Houndstooth Sweater – $18

60’s Knit Pumpkin Cardigan – $30

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One Response to New Look

  1. Dirk says:

    Nice idea Marieke. I think you could do better with the bg for the 60’s knit cardigan. I’m thinking marmalade carpet. Maybe some guy with groin-hugging bell bottoms as well.

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